Eleks, Program manager

Anastasiia Terletska

About speaker:
My name is Anastasia and I am skilled Project Manager with more than 6 years of experience in IT and renewable energy industries. Throughout my career, I have managed different projects from various domains such as healthcare, fitness, social media, fintech, and more with customers from the USA, Australia, Spain, UAE, and other countries. I am ambassador of design thinking and value - based approach, which helps me work meaningfully and focus on solving real problems. I love working with people and help them grow. I strongly believe that the more leaders you nurture, the more profound leader you are. At my current position I am focused on internal projects that drive transformational changes of the company from the within.

Presentation topic:
How to manage endangered RnD species (UA)

More about presentation:
1. Intro

2. What to do to not be lost in translation with RnD teams? 

3. What project management tools worked?

4. Innovation cycle 

5. Technology commercialization paradox 

6. Application of design thinking approach in technology development 

8. Problem of resources scarcity in the RnD field

9. Importance of stakeholders management

10. Conclusion