Master of Code Global, Project Manager

Kseniya Leshchenko

About speaker:
Experienced manager with 10 years of managing QA department and 4 years managing projects and clients. Eager to dive deep into client business needs and focus on finding solutions to achieve both client and company goals.

Caring about teams from 5 to 20 team members on both long-term and short-term projects.

Certified as SalesForce Associate.

Presentation topic:
Main life hacks and lessons learned how to make small projects with small budgets profitable for the company (UA)

More about presentation:
Nowadays the clients often claim their budgets are cut off and they can't afford an own even small development team of 3-4 people to cover the ongoing development support.

What may be an alternative in this case that the company may suggest to its clients?

Let's talk during the presentation about:

• overview of the shared development support service main idea and applicability

• project management methodologies used

• shared development team management (resource planning, resource management, sharing people across different projects, team motivation)

• budget management and tools

• specifics of the clients who prefer such model and how to foster relationships with them

• cases, failures, lessons learned