Telesens, CEO

Olesia Ulianova

About speaker:
I have experience in IT for more than 6 years. I shared different roles in this field from Head of Business Development to CEO. I really enjoyed working in outsource: new projects, new people. They really inspired me and helped me to improve my technical and soft skills. My strong team consists of Front-end and Back-end developers, QA engineers, designers. Thanks to these guys we can take various projects and carefully lead them to the end.

I have over 14 years of education behind me. I hold a PhD degree from Ukrainian National University of Radioelectronics. Being an expert in creating custom education programs, I deliver state-of-the-art coaching programs and trainings specifically tailored for the needs of my clients. My certificates, among others, include International school of business trainers (ICBT) certification which highlights my excellent skills as a trainer.