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Valeriy Kozlov

About speaker:
Business strategies for B2B tech companies, organizational growth and maturity challenges, operations management, business consulting, business intelligence, and data-driven decision-making.

Presentation topic:
Taming the Startup Chaos: GTD for Founders & Small Teams (UA)

More about presentation:
Startup founders juggle multiple roles, from visionary leader to marketer, constantly task-switching. Research shows this can cost up to 40% of productivity – a significant loss for a resource-constrained startup.

Managing diverse projects across small teams can be overwhelming. While traditional project management tools offer benefits, they often come with excessive administrative overhead and lack the clarity and flexibility needed in a fast-paced startup environment.

The Getting Things Done (GTD) method, developed by David Allen, offers a powerful alternative. Originally designed for executives and managers, GTD is perfectly suited for startup teams dealing with heterogeneous projects, cross-functional collaboration, and individual members juggling multiple responsibilities. Despite its effectiveness, GTD remains underutilized and undervalued in the startup world.

In this presentation, I'll explore how GTD can help you:

• Gain clarity and control over your projects workload.

• Boost individual and team productivity by minimizing task-switching overhead.

• Increase focus and reduce stress in the face of constant demands.

• Achieve greater happiness and success in your entrepreneurial journey.

Join me to discover how GTD can become your useful tool for navigating the uncertainty and unlocking the full potential of your startup team.