Customertimes, PMO Head

Yurii Chaika

About speaker:

  • Sense of ownership as a mindset;

  • Succesfully built an Internal PM learning sesions initiative & LMS enablement upon them as per actual company needs;

  • Value-driven decisions as a daily routine;

  • Significant expertise across processes enablement, maintenance and optimization;

  • Proven expertise in both Warerfall & Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Nexus);

  • Extensive practical knowledge of PMI & ITIL standards and best practices;

  • Solid experience in both web & mobile application development management, lifecycle and technologies;

  • Wide acknowledgement in e-commerce segment;

  • Technical background (OOP principles, C++, HTML, CSS, Native JS);

  • Keen of management 3.0 philosophy, people culture & proactivity enablement practices.

Presentation Topic:
Delivery Excellence in consulting model - importance, components, enablement and committing over

More about presentation:

  • What is conslulting model;

  • Committing upon client success & quality;

  • Delivery Excellence enablement & control;

  • How to communicate that appropriately;

  • Actions upon Excellence growth.