, Consultant

Alex Bair

About speaker:
• Intercultural Communication Consultant

• Coaching intercultural teams from Ukraine, the U.S.A., Europe, English-speaking countries, Latin America, and India.

• Consulting for companies working across borders.

• Mentoring managers and key professionals leading cross-cultural teams.


• Multiple IT manager roles since 1999, including roles as CTO and co-owner of an outsourcing-to-product company.

• Strong software engineering background, including being among the very first certified Java Programmers and SCRUM Masters in Ukraine.

• President of Lemberg Toastmasters in 2014.

• Worked as an engineering manager and tech pre-sales for seven years in startups and multinational corporations in the U.S.A.

• Years living, learning and understanding U.S. culture and society; U.S. and Australian permanent resident.

Presentation topic:
Building Stronger Teams: 10 Key Cultural Differences Between Ukrainians and Americans (UA)

More about presentation: 
• What is culture and how is it different from a stereotype?

• Why do cultures matter for a cross-border team?

• 10 ways in which Ukrainian and American cultures differ.

• How to address these differences.