Preply, Product Manager

Alisa Antypova

About speaker:
Alisa has a background in Data Science with a five-year track record in the field and a master's degree in this sphere.

Despite her background, she decided to switch to management and became Product Manager for the team where she initially worked as a Data Engineer.

Currently, she is enthusiastically developing her skills in her new role and drawing on her past experiences to excel as a Product Manager of Experimentation team at Preply.

Presentation topic:
From Engineering to Management: Synergies and Challenges (UA)

More about presentation:
Synergies of Engineering and Management:

• Process optimization

• Data-driven decision-making (and leveraging it for effective communication)

• Defining and measuring the success

• Understanding technical limitations and possibilities

Challenges of switching from Engineering to Management:

• From solving to defining the problems

• From “genius” to “genius maker”

• Navigating uncertainty