New Media Services, COO

Anastasia Bilous

About speaker:
With a proven track record, Mrs. Bilous has successfully managed 40+ software and hardware projects. These ventures span diverse industries and have consistently achieved remarkable eight-digit revenue figures. Her ability to drive projects from conception to completion, while ensuring financial success, is a testament to her strategic acumen and execution capabilities for both software and hardware companies.

Overall, she brings a unique blend of AI expertise, startup and mid-size (2000 people) global company experience, multicultural insights, mental health focus and a track record of delivering exceptional results to any organization.

As a COO New Media Services & NOA AI, she brings a comprehensive skill set, encompassing strategic leadership, operational efficiency, team development, financial acumen, change management, and stakeholder engagement.

Presentation topic:
Mental Health Improvement with AI (UA)

More about presentation:
The changing work landscape, amplified by the global pandemic, has heightened stress and anxiety, affecting mental wellbeing significantly. Recent studies show the alarming rise of work-related mental health conditions and the overwhelming need for efficient and effective support systems in the workplace.

AI based mental health coaches and mentors are usually judgement-free, scalable, cost-effective platforms for individuals to express their feelings and concerns. It also ensures data privacy, using anonymised data to enhance machine-learning capabilities and functionalities while providing aggregated non-identifiable data for companies to measure its effectiveness in promoting employee wellbeing and productivity.

During our topic we’ll discuss modern AI based mental health solutions, pros and cons and how to work with it.