MEV, COO, VP of Delivery

Andrew Lukianenko

About speaker:
Seasoned professional with deep expertise in process management, operations, technology solutions, and win-win strategies with a focus on simple, clear, and flexible processes.

Presentation topic:
How product thinking can change your project management model? (UA)

More about presentation: 
Product thinking transforms project management by shifting focus from execution-based tasks to outcome-oriented ones. This customer-centric approach prioritizes understanding and delivering value to the customer, going beyond the mere provision of outputs.

The key to product thinking is continuous discovery and learning. Empathic communication with customers, user research, and gathering feedback are vital in understanding their needs and preferences. This ongoing learning informs decision-making, ensuring that the product evolves to meet changing customer requirements and expectations.

Product thinking is well-aligned with an agile mindset, embracing principles like adaptability, flexibility, and responsiveness to change. This enables product teams to swiftly respond to new information, market trends, or customer feedback, making iterative improvements throughout the product's development lifecycle.