Simplesense, CEO, Organizational & Agile Coach; Monobank, Organizational Coach  

Artem Bykovets

About speaker:
Артем Биковець (CEO, Agile Coach & Org Consultant @ Simplesense., Organizational Coach @ Monobank)

Сертифікований Agile Експерт. Засновник конференцій Simplicity Day. Допомагає багатьом компаніям, як Agile Coach, працюючи на різних рівнях (від індивідуального до C-level), використовуючи позиції тренера, коуча, фасилітатора, ментора та консультанта, щоб допомогти клієнтам у кращий спосіб досягати своїх цілей. Гостьових лектор Києво Могилянської Бізнес Школи. Співзасновник волонтерської ініціативи #AgileWithUkraine, що зібрала і передала більше 8 млн грн на потреби Сил Захисту.

Presentation topic:
4 horsemen of the apocalypse of working relationships (+ antidotes) (UA)

More about presentation:
This talk will reveal four destructive communication patterns that can undermine team spirit, reduce productivity and cause conflict, and offer effective strategies for neutralizing them.

Let's start with exciting storytelling about a team of developers working by Agile. You will learn about situations that their Lead noticed during team meetings.

Next, we will analyze "The Gottman Four Horsemen" model, which describes the four "horsemen of the apocalypse" of work relationships: criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling. For each of these patterns, specific "antidotes" will be offered that allow you to build healthier and more productive relationships in the team.

Finally, we'll look at why this topic is critical to team productivity, drawing on Google's "Project Aristotle" research. Special attention will be paid to the concept of psychological safety, which is a key factor in the success of high-performance teams.

This talk will not only provide valuable insights and tools for improving communication and management in Teams, but will also help each member better understand their own contribution to the overall success of the team.