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Dmitry Velykoivanenko

About speaker:
Dmitry is an inquisitive inventor in mind and a tinkerer at heart with regard to organizations. Having worked in different product, project, and organizational leadership positions for over 13 years and dealing with companies of many shapes and sizes, he (still!) likes to work with people and organizations to help them achieve their full potential. With ongoing studies in psychology and coaching to complement that experience, he started a consultancy that helps companies find their path and purpose and build themselves based on them. Seeing people and organizations find their purpose and drive what they do around it has become a passion and a joy to him.

Presentation topic: 

unFIXing your organization's future (UA)

More about presentation:

In troubled times we seek truth, firmness, and concreteness to rely on and support us. We seek the same in organizations and change. This is why we turn to models and frameworks as building blocks for the future. But what if there was another way?

Let's explore our approaches to team and organizational design changes and learn how we can get our organizations unFIXed together.


• The path of organizational changes

• Gap analysis and evolution

• The paradoxical theory of change

• What is unFIX, and how can it help?