Worksection, Chief Operating Officer

Dmytro Khudenko

About speaker:
Dmytro Khudenko is a Marketing and Operations Director of Worksection - a service for organizing teamwork and project management. Worksection is a SaaS service which helps companies worldwide by facilitating seamless team coordination, efficiently allocate employees' time and energy between tasks and projects, communicate within the team and with customers, and control resourses.

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, sales, and project management, Dmytro brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Prior to his involvement in IT projects, he held various positions in FMCG companies, like Philip Morris, overseeing both people and projects.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Dmytro is an avid runner and cyclist, currently preparing to take on the Ironman half-distance challenge.

Presentation topic:
Gamification of Project Management. Concepts and Ideas (UA) 

More about presentation:
1. What is gamification and what its benefits are.

2. Concepts of gamification.

3. Gamification in Project Management.

4. Project management systems and gamification.

5. Examples of using gamification in a team to improve project management.