Worksection, Chief Operating Officer

Dmytro Khudenko

About speaker:
Дмитро Худенко – Операційний директор SaaS-сервісу Worksection.

Дмитро працює у маркетингу, продажах та управлінні проєктами понад 10 років. Він керував різноманітними проєктами, від класичних waterfall-проєктів у маркетингу FMCG-компаній до agile-проєктів в IT-індустрії. Дмитро – автор та ведучий Телеграм каналу "Про SaaS" та ведучий подкасту про управління проєктами “Дедлайн Горить!”, автор та ведучий освітніх вебінарів на YouTube-каналі Worksection.

Presentation Topic: 

The Future of Project Management Systems: Trends and Predictions (UA)

More about presentation:

1. Intro - the trends for project management systems in the coming years;

2. Current state of PM systems - the challenges and limitations of current systems, including siloed information, lack of integration, and limited analytics;

3. Emerging Technologies - emerging technologies that are likely to impact pm systems in the future, such as AI, machine learning, and natural language processing. How these technologies can improve project management by automating repetitive tasks, providing real-time insights, and streamlining collaboration;

4. Changes in Work Culture - how changes in work culture are affecting project management, including the rise of remote work and flexible schedules. How project management systems can adapt to these changes by providing more flexible tools and enabling remote collaboration;

5. Shifting Project Management Methodologies - how project management methodologies are evolving, such as Agile, Lean. Explain how project management systems can support these methodologies by providing customizable workflows and data visualization tools;

6. Predictions and discussion for the Future of Project Management Systems - summarize the key trends and predictions for project management systems in the coming years.