BigCommerce, Manager of Product Management

Khristina Pototska

About speaker:
▪ I am a Product Manager with 10 years of experience building and growing e-commerce & digital products, passionate about creating products that customers love.

▪ Speaker at 100+ events in the US, Europe & Asia.

▪ Meet Magento in Netherlands, Sweden, Czech republic and Romania, Predictive Analytics World in London and San Francisco, Global Predictive Analytics Conference in Santa Clara CA, eComExpo (Spain), Webit Summit (Bulgaria, Turkey), Wolves Summit (Poland), Latitude59 (Estonia), IT Arena (Ukraine).

Presentation topic:
Steering the Ship: Product Management in Startups vs. Global Companies (UA)

More about presentation:
• Agility vs. Process

• Ownership vs. Collaboration

• Impact vs. Scale

• Learning vs. Expertise

• Culture vs. Risk

• Mission vs. Margin