EPAM, Delivery Manager

Kyrylo Korobov

About speaker:
Delivery manager with technical background who knows how to deliver product starting from an idea and finishing with the real end-user satisfaction. Has already put organization delivery processes onto the rails in various companies in scope of various domains with different scale.

As a part of volunteering activities I have founded local PMI (Project Management Institute) community as a knowledge sharing and networking hub.

Always ready to help you to deliver solution instead of waste.

Presentation Topic:
How to make sure we are delivering value (UA)

More about presentation:
These days we see world's economic is struggling - Inflation is going up together with the interest rate in all countries with a high IT demand.

Thus, business becomes much more selective and prudent in IT projects investments than it was 2 years ago. Everybody is searching for the highest benefits on every dollar paid. It results in a high competitiveness between IT service providers and only those who bring the value win.

During mine 40 mins I will share practical experience on what we can do better in retaining existing business and making sure we are delivering value, but not waste to consumers.