Fluxon, Technical Project Manager

Oleksandr Chugui

About speaker:
PMI PMP certified Senior Project Manager, over 8 years of experience (6 of them as a TPM - Technical Project Manager) 

AI domain - working with LLMs, building conversational chatbots, prompt engineering

Web3 and blockchain technology - token economics, high-volume transactions

Retail travel business: 4 years at Homeaway/Vrbo, 2 years contractor at Expedia Group; 1 year at Healthcare (Telemedicine)

3+ years in Software Development - iOS, .Net, Ruby 

Presentation topic:
Developing AI chatbot – lessons learned (UA)

More about presentation:
• AI solutions and LLMs overview 

• What is the challenge for Project Manager 

• How to plan when it's so ambiguous 

• How to set proper expectations with the stakeholders