Svitla Systems, Software Development Company, Project Lead, Business Process Analyst and Trainer

Olena Kapitanenko

About speaker:
Olena Kapitanenko is an experienced Project Lead at Svitla Systems, a global software development company. In her 7 years in the industry, Olena has coped with various challenges working in different roles: Business Process Analyst, Trainer, Quality Assurance Specialist, Project Lead. She has recently moved from Ukraine to the USA, where she continues to successfully lead a remote team.

Presentation topic:
Creating an Effective Team Charter for Remote Teams (UA)

More about presentation:
In a constantly evolving IT world it is essential to maintain highly productive teams. Nowadays, more and more companies choose to hire remote employees, and it presents challenges on how to manage such remote projects and help the teams stay efficient and result-oriented. Team charter is a document serving this purpose. It articulates the team's mission, goals, roles, values, resources, obstacles, and all sorts of clarifications how the team can contribute to the project.

Key Takeaways:

▪ Useful tips on aligning remote teams via a team chartering process.

▪ Structuring a successful team charter building session.

▪ Choosing the right tools for the meeting.

▪ Defining mission and goals.