Intellias, VP, Digital Strategy

Roman Pavlyuk

About speaker:
Whilst almost two decades in IT, Roman has driven an extensive track of business and technology transformation projects for the US and Middle East clients. With strong technical background and product management skillset, Roman leads IT consulting, advisory practices, and large-scale projects for emerging and enterprise markets by delivering high-value services. Roman's hands-on experience in shaping operational excellence to tackle business challenges helps tech innovators and Fortune 500 companies deliver excellent products and services for billions of users across the globe.

Currently, Roman is Digital Strategy Lead at Intellias responsible for driving innovations and transformations for one of the fastest growing Ukrainian companies.

Presentation topic:
From Resources to Solutions: How recession transforms outsourcing market (UA)

More about presentation:
The industry has been affected by the global recession and thus we are seeing the signficant decline in the demand in new digital and software outsourcing services. But is that decline really that big? And if not -- what business are looking for in 2023? And what the outsourcing business in Ukraine can do to accomdate to the new challenges? - These are the questions we will be trying to find answers for.