Django Stars, Operations Manager | Head of PMO

Iryna Meshchankina

About speaker:
With over a decade of dedication to the software development industry, I currently lead as Operations Manager and Head of PMO at Django Stars, a global IT consulting and development firm. My comprehensive experience spans critical domains such as Quality Assurance, Project Management, and Operations Management, where I have a proven track record in spearheading QA initiatives and PMO strategies. I am committed to refining, optimizing, and standardizing operational processes, which are pivotal in delivering high-quality IT projects across various industries worldwide. I am passionate about catalyzing operational excellence, enhancing workflow efficiencies, and fostering a culture of collaboration among diverse team functions to drive significant and impactful results.

Presentation topic:
Driving Operational Excellence: The Role of Process Standardization (UA)

More about presentation:
• The Critical Role of Process Standardization in Operational Excellence

• Frameworks and Methodologies for Process Standardization

• ISO Certifications: Enhancing Credibility and Operational Efficiency

• Overcoming Implementation Challenges and Success Stories: Enhancing Efficiency, Product Quality, and Customer Satisfaction